The Best Inflatable Hot Tub in Winter

Soaking in an outdoor hot tub in winter is glorious.

I have a cherished memory of a snowy February night with a group of close friends. First was an amazing performance of the amazing British punks, the Buzzcocks.

Afterwords we soaked under the stars in 25 degree weather surrounded by 2 feet of snow. Libations flowed freely. All had a magnificent time.

Can you use an inflatable hot tub in winter?

The answer is a qualified yes, some portable inflatable hot tubs work great in the cold and snow. But beware, some do not.

For this article we took took a good hard look hot tubs available with this exact question in mind. So Keep reading to learn which of them will keep you toasty warm on chilly winter nights.

Preparation is Key

A moderate winter conditions may be favorable for your Intex hot tub. Using the tub during winter may not be as hard as you may think, and it is cost-effective too. Make sure the inner water is drained and the tub is scrubbed in order to remove residues and debris, then perform an once-over on the vent and filters, though it doesn’t have to be a thorough scrubbing and once-over.

Once the hot tub has been refilled with hot water, you may have to check out the manual to understand how to operate the tub in winter conditions. Different hot tub brands have different operational methods that work best for them, and some do come with anti-freeze protection protect the water from freezing. You may also use the cover when the tub is not in use, in order to protect the water temperature. Your hot tub pump doesn’t have to work too hard to heat water, hence you will spend more time to enjoy the tub.

Shutting the hot tub down

In a case where you don’t have an inflatable hot tub, and you don’t feel like moving your portable tub, you can follow same instructions for shutting down a hot tub under normal weather conditions. If you are not prepared for bad weather, you can start by powering the tub down and then unplugging once the hater is turned off. Drain excess water off the tub once it has been powered down.

Make use of the drain valve to remove all remaining water, and if the tub has air blowers, you must empty them to protect them from being damaged. Once the air blowers has been removed, take out the filters and place them in a cleaning solution while the filter basket is being cleaned. Keep I mind that filters and their placeholders catch particles easily. Place the filters in a dry area after cleaning, to prevent them from catching any new dirt.

If your pump housing comes with drain plugs, you can open them in order to get the last drops of water out. You can dry out pumps manually or through the aid of shop vac. For hot tubs with jets, make sure you get the water out to avoid the water getting frozen inside. The last cleaning step is to clean the tub with the aid of a spa cleaner. You can scrub it a little, but be gentle, in order to protect it from any damage. When cleaning is done, add the cover and wrap it up to prevent strong winds from moving it. This may look arduous but should be done at least once a year.

Things you should know

Inflatable hot tubs are ideal for winter because they can be used outdoor, however portable spas can also be broken down and brought outside. You need to take note of warnings in the manual, when operating your tub outdoors, especially in cold temperatures, and the reason being that extremely freezing temperatures can damage the pump. It can be easier to clean hot tubs in winter, but make sure you pay attention to small details. You should consider making use of spa cleaning solutions made for hot tubs and spas, make sure you keep them handy because they are very useful.

Warm up your winter

It is quite safe to operate a hot tub in winter, especially when you allow the manual to guide you. It is even easy to clean and keep the water warm during winter, just make sure you use advanced controls. In most cases, the cost of running a hot tub in winter is almost the same as cost of running the tub in summer as long as you take good care of containing the heat inside water. Make sure the tub is well protected in order to extend its life span.

Andrea Cox

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