How to treat your inflatable

Anything can go wrong in a product operating on electricity and water however, negligence seems to be the main cause of damage in inflatable tub. The durability of hot tubs and spas has increased greatly over the years, and there are extended warranties on electronic parts of such systems. Innovation will always remain a priority for all brands, despite the fact that inflatable hot tubs are as durable as non-inflatable ones. Inflatable tubs are designed to withstand all the beating, but they require maintenance care, even if there are in-built self-maintenance features available.

Caring for your best inflatable hot tub does not end with changing the water inside as often as you can, little things such as putting the hot tub cover on, really matters. Steps should be taken daily for adequate maintenance of the tub, and you can continuously use and protect the hot tub for several years without the need for replacement.

Cleaning the hot tub

The water may appear clean but it is not. After using the tub for a while, there may be some undesirable foreign materials present in the water hence you need to ensure the water is clean and rotated, as a first step towards hot tub maintenance. When the water is bad, the filter will work harder to get rid of unwanted elements. Bad water also allow debris and larger materials to clog up inside the jets and prevent the hot tub from reach its full capacity.

In some cases, clogged up jets can result in physical damages, that cannot be repaired which means, you need to find a new hot tub- this could be particularly devastating for a new hot tub. Make sure you spray the hot tub out fully whenever you drain it, and look out for any clogging debris within. A full spraying will ensure clean water as well as longevity of the filter, hence you wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing a new one anytime soon. An adequately maintained filter should last over a year.

Sanitizing the hot tub

Taking care of the hot tub also means ensuring the water inside is clean and not harmful. You should tell people the importance of a sanitized water especially as it helps in the cleaning procedure. Sanitizing the hot tub water will help prevent the buildup within and also speed up the cleaning of the tub, making such cleaning to be quicker and smoother.

The best three sanitizing agents are; Chlorine, Biguanide, and Bromine. Chlorine, which is used in Dichlor form is by far the most popular, while Bromine depends on an Oxidizer to operate hence it does not gas off when temperatures exceed 98 degree C and it costs almost the same as Chlorine. Biguanide is relatively newer, and it is becoming more popular. Biguanide is less abrasive in nature, when compared with chlorine and Bromine, and it is not recommended for an enzyme system. These three chemicals are necessary in water sanitization because they reduce the loads on the filter during cleaning.

The water temperature

It can be easy to pour water in your hot tub, but when the desired temperature is 104 degree F, would you consider putting the coldest water in it first? Putting cold water first will make the heater to work extra hard to bring the temperature to the designed one. Some people may leave the top during the heating process- this will only force the tub to take up to 48 hours to reach the desired temperature. All these activities may yield negative results. You don’t have to add to much workload on your hot tub, in order to get the best result, you should rather add water that has room temperature, and make sure the top is kept on during heating, hence your heater will not be over-worked before you achieve the desired final temperature.

Storing your hot tub

Make sure you keep your deflated hot tub away from sharp objects especially if you don’t have a case or box to put it in. Hot tubs are more prone to damages when they are deflated, for instance, pets such as cats like to sink their claws into a new item such as hot tubs but larger dogs can even do more damage than cats. Mae sure the hot tub is adequately protected when deflated.


These are the basic information needed when it comes to taking care of your hot tub, if you follow these steps, you should prolong the lifespan of the tub.

James Williamson

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