How to tell the difference between inflatable and portable hot tubs?

There so many differences that’s between the portable and inflatable hot tub which can possibly create confusion for those looking for a quality purchase. Since the inflatable hot tubs have paid their dues for some years now, they have started covering a lot of features the portable hot tub have since covered. This means choosing between the two tubs is now more difficult than what it used to be since the two now have enough same merits and demerits. None of the two hot tubs are actually better than the other, so it can’t be said that the portable hot tubs are far better than the inflatable hot tubs. Below, are guides on how to identify the difference between the two hot tubs when deciding the one you can buy so you can streamline it to what you actually want.

Pricing comparability

It is definite that the portable hot tub would be the more costly out of the two, not just because of the material quality but also the shipping weight. The portable hot tub weighs over a hundred pounds and it may require planning ahead depending on the actual place you would like to put it. This is because you will have to consider the door size if it’s going inside and we mustn’t forget the stairs too. Some people ask their friends for help which might also require few bucks but if you have a gracious friend who can help you carry a hot tub weighing 100+ lb with strange dimensions up to the stairs then consider yourself lucky or him strange.

Also, its mechanical parts are great factors and the inside parts play even bigger roles when in use, likewise multi-mechanical beast with much costly internals. The more the parts moving internally the more the cost of the product, while not taking its origin into consideration. It should be put into consideration that most portable hot-tub ends up with price ranging from medium price to high price but the inflatable hot tubs are really not that cheaper than the portable hot tubs after removing the cost of shipping


Inflatable hot tubs
Inflatable hot tub

This is known as the largest source of misunderstanding between the two. There’s a huge argument as far as the durability of the inflatable hot tub is concerned, but now it’s a fact that they are now designed with quality materials which make it dependable as the portable hot tubs. The main reason the inflatable hot tubs needed to upgrade their design is because it is regularly on the move even twice as much as the portable hot tubs.

Portable hot tubs can either be dissembled to ease movement or be moved as a whole, which is quite troublesome. If it’s impossible to detach it, moving it two times in a year can become a day job. The mobility of an inflatable hot tub is no problem, deflation and inflation of the inflatable hot tub in a new location is a feature of its quirks. Since it’s easily mobile, the material is designed tough to withstand bruises and bumps that portable hot-tub would also encounter when moved from one location to another. Tears, rips, and damages that can possibly make a hole are reduced if all maintenance instructions are duly followed.

This is majorly where portable hot tubs shortcomings might be visible especially if it can’t be dissembled. Carrying a full-size portable hot tub to another location in or somewhere around the house is no child’s play especially if it can’t be detached. Also, there are locations the hot tub can’t be moved to no matter how hard you try, it won’t go anywhere. Avoid this problem simply by buying an inflatable hot tub or portable hot tub that can be disassembled easily.

Features comparability

Portable hot tubs
Portable hot tub

The non-flimsiness but soft inflatable hot tub may be a plus or a minus but it is a function of the consumer. But so many people who have used a $6000 plus hot tubs really prefer the softer and tender feel of an inflatable hot tub to the plastic, concrete and other portable hot tubs. Inflatable hot tubs are both soft and firm and also offer users more relaxed feel when compared to the other tub. This is actually based on the tastes of individual and this you either take or leave it. Inflatable hot tubs deflate and inflate pretty fast, therefore lesser time is spent while waiting for it to reach its full capacity before you start filling it with water. But portable hot tub has no waiting period, and if you are the type that is always in a hurry the time spent by inflatable hot tubs to inflate can make a great difference.

In a worst case scenario, the mechanism that inflates the inflatable hot tub could become defective or malfunction, which insinuates that you will be left with an inflatable hot tub that’s deflated. Portable hot tubs offer a better sense of safety and security as regards the heating elements and the control panel that is built with the tub. The inflatable hot tub has their heater and blower separate and it could take the most cautious person to forget to pack it or the piece could start short circuiting and then ruin the whole fun.

Consumers will definitely sight the absence of the premium jets in the inflatable hot tub but are always present in portable hot tubs. It is possible for the inflatable hot tubs to imitate the jets, but can’t really offer something close to the massage quality unlike the real one. The final point is the control panel and this will be a toss-up depending on what you want to choose. Most brands set the control panel in a certain location so you don’t leave the tub before you can use it. There are only a few functions that can be used in the inflatable hot tub which later initiate plug & play attitude. Therefore, if its ease of use you want, the inflatable hot tub has the floor right here.


There are many winners when it comes to both the portable hot tub and inflatable hot tubs but still, these two products are both great. If you actually wish to spend more, then the portable hot tub is the right choice. But owning an inflatable hot tub as a final permanent solution has its benefits too, therefore you shouldn’t rush to a conclusion as far as that is concerned.

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