Bestway Palm Springs Saluspa Inflatable Hot Tub Review

Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Spa
  • ENJOY THE ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE: 8 adjustable HydroJet nozzles along the wall provide a soothing experience.
  • OPERATE INSIDE THE TUB: The digital control panel lets you change the water temperature (up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit) without exiting the tub. A power saving timer can even automate the temperature of the spa up to 72 hours in advance.
  • SUPERIOR STRENGTH: The puncture-resistant tri-tech material and I-beam wall construction ensures your hot tub will last long and retains its shape no matter how many times it's inflated or deflated.

Lazy-Z-Spa are the leading brand of hot tubs in both the UK and America. Find out what we thought of this mid-range Palm Springs hot tub model.

Key Details of the Palm Springs

The Palm Springs model is certainly not at the top of the range of Lazy-Z-Spa hot tubs, but it has some impressive features nonetheless.

Bestway Palm Springs Inflatable Hot Tub Spa

  • Self-inflating set up.
  • Cushioned floor.
  • Easy use clip on lid.
  • 3 layer reinforced structure.
  • Earth color design.
  • 120+ air jets.
  • Internal diameter of 146cm, external diameter of 196 cm.


This hot tub is spacious – designed for 4 but could easily fit 6 people without feeling like sardines in a tin. This is bigger than the popular Vegas model, a competitor in the inflatable hot tub market. If you’re looking for a spacious, comfortable hot tub that feels luxurious, this is the one for you.

There’s a simple clip on lid that comes with this hot tub, making maintaining the hot tub an easier task. Simply strap on the lid before you call it a day to stop any debris falling in and stop excess heat escaping. It won’t be as sturdy and strong as a permanent hot tub lid, but it will do the job well.

Now that we’re on the topic of strength I’d like to draw your attention to the super strong construction of this inflatable hot tub. The 3 layer reinforced structure used to create this hot tub is also used for the top of the range Miami model, so you know you’re getting something good for your money. It’s durable yet easy to disassemble to store over winter months.

The nifty digital panel controls both water temperature and the pump – nothing fancy, but very efficient. The pump is attached outside the tub while the filter is fully integrated inside. The tub also comes with a ground mat to protect your floors and the base of the hot tub, plus a short DVD that demonstrates how to properly take care of the tub. 2 easy to replace filter cartridges are also included so you don’t need to worry about purchasing those separately.


This hot tub model doesn’t come with a chemical kit included, like some of the high-end hot tubs available. You’ll definitely need to buy one yourself as they’re pretty essential. This is an added cost that isn’t a huge deal, but could add up over time if you’re using the hot tub a lot.


Overall, we think this is a bargain of a hot tub. For the mid-price range you get plenty of space, comfort and easy set up/maintenance. This model is great for all gardens and anyone interested in hot tubs, especially families who can’t splash out on a luxury hot tub and need something that can be easily packed away to make more garden space for the kids.

The 120 jets make for massaging comfort which you can easily control from the handy control pad. Everything you need is there, so we recommend this hot tub for enthusiasts and hot tub first timers alike. The price for all this luxury feeling is decent. If you want to test out hot tubs this summer before investing in a permanent tub, but don’t want to experience a cheap poorly designed model, this one is perfectly priced.

Minimal effort is needed to pump up and get the hot tub ready for that first dip of the summer, and with the handy lid that comes included you can stay out until late knowing your hot tub will be safe to stay out overnight. The maintenance and repair kit is certainly useful and should reassure you that even if damage does happen to the 3 layer durable construction, you can have it fixed and back up in a jiffy.

Lazy-Z-Spa is one of the leading hot tub brands and one people trust to deliver. So if you don’t mind searching out a good value chemical kit and think the earth brown color is quite endearing, don’t hesitate to order this hot tub.

Andrea Cox

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