How to choose the perfect location for your inflatable hot tub?

How to choose the perfect location for your inflatable hot tub?

Still, it is quite resourceful to own an inflatable or a portable hot tub in your basement or store, but finding a strong placement or surface for it is of utmost importance. As a matter of fact, it is possible to own a well-constructed home without an actual place for an inflatable hot tub. Carrying out little research at first offers pretty cool idea where it could be placed with some other plan “B” spot that can serve as another option. You had different locations in mind provide you the consumer with plenty of room you feel is best to move it to, probably for a get-together, parties, BBQ or a simple drench in a mild hot water. Figuring out the perfect location does not take much time, so if you are on track in finding the right spot, right here you get to know few things to help you achieve your aim. Well, below are few guides for ideal surfaces where inflatable hot-tubs can be placed and protected.

Indoor hot tubs

Indoor hot tub
Indoor hot tub

Getting started with indoor surfaces, carefully study the vicinity you have chosen and be certain that the surface can handle the total weight. The total weight means the water, the spa and the precise amount of people it can contain. When properly summed up it is well over a thousand pounds in total weight. A little but important aspect that can be missed easily is the drainage, a necessity that must not be missed and instantly spotted when installing an indoor hot tub so as to avoid leakages, cracks, and damage in general.

After putting all necessary requirements in place, it gaining an access to where it could be plugged while it’s been installed inside the house needs no course to worry about. Installing the hot tub inside the house insinuate that there will be better access to plugs than installing it outside. But with all the moisture it will accumulate, you will require a setup that will drain it.

It is necessary you think of a place that can easily handle both moisture and steam, especially since it is possible you could place it in an area where the hot tub can harm any valuables or structure in that environment.  To prevent the inevitability of such damage, installation of a good vent in such environment is highly required in there is none in the area. The perfect and ideal place for an indoor hot tub is a location near the floor drainage so it can catch all spilled and splashed water.

Outdoor hot tubs

Outdoor hot tub, perfect location
Outdoor hot tub

An outdoor installed hot tub is the most common and popular for all inflatable hot tub, as it provides the best configurable options. If it’s an outdoor install you want to start with, be always certain that a plug is nearby or the hot tub will surely have an access to a certain spot with plug. It’s also possible to miss this and could be frustrating if you will need to run a wire to the nearest spot with a plug. One of the most important aspects of installing it outside is the walkways that generally prevent users from acquiring debris or dirt on their feet.

There are so many materials you see floating on water, this is usually from users that walk on the surface outside the area and then brings it into the hot tub. Since most hot tubs are customized for outdoor purpose, this gives it many options one can choose from. Various brands have made prefabricated pads for spa available which serves as another option to poured concrete. This system is generally interlocking, and their synergy together is in a Minecraft-like way. Three pads per carton are how it’s been sold, two cartons will make one platform which measures eight by eight.

If it’s a natural look you need, settling for a gravel is the best way to follow. It could create certain setting if a stepping stone is included in the walkway so as to prevent guest feet from kicking the rocks into the pool. Following this method makes it much easier to setup something for draining of water.

Wanting a more costly option could probably lead you in pouring of the concrete slab. This specific option comes with the least maintenance requirements, but it requires a very strict construction guidelines. It is necessary that it has a minimum of four inches thickness and with a minimum weight capacity of 115 lb per sq. ft.

There is a code that needs to be followed, also there’s the mentality of getting it right for the first time. Luckily some homeowners might have the setup right in the backyard, making them to simply take measurements and make sure it all works the way it ought to. While for some it’s a quite expensive setup which should not be the initial option when installing the outdoor hot tub.

Paver stone lends from the costly ways of the concrete slab but takes after the beautiful ways of gravel. Much like the gravel, it’s also a DIY project and one with a great creativity advantages for consumers that have creative minds.

Lastly, another popular one out of many options is none but the deck setup. The great thing as regards it is that the hot tub is made the centerpiece in the area it’s been placed while with an ideal setup that prevents people from attracting debris into the pool. Whenever the deck is raised water becomes well handled, saving you from all manner of worry about spillage around the hot-tub. It is not unusual to see BBQ grill right on the deck where the party and hot tub is at. Apart from it being one of the most celebrated options, it can easily end up as one of the most costly ones if you don’t own a deck. As for those building a deck and without a hot tub, they will eventually appreciate the versatility immediately they get theirs.


With the whole stable places where a spa or an inflatable or portable hot tub could be placed, you will definitely enjoy more than enough time relaxing than been stressed over install. Just follow the guidelines that are listed when installing the hot tub and you will be in safe hands when you are at home or away.

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