The Best Inflatable Hot Tub For Winter

Are you searching for the best inflatable hot tub for winter now that the temperatures have dropped? While there are many portable hot tubs on the market, only a few models truly stand up to rough Australian and North American winter temperatures. That said, you will want to choose a model that works well in every season. Here is a guide to the best inflatable hot tubs available.

So what’s the best 2-6 person inflatable hot tub for winter? 

MSpa Elite Jet Reve

Dimensions: 71in wide x 28in depth
**Interior: 55in diameter x 28inch in depth
Shape: Round
Seats: 4
Water capacity: 184 Gallon
Color: Mocha

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MSpa Luxury Exotic

Dimensions: 82 x 82 x 29 inches ** Interior: 55in x 28inch
Shape: Round
Seats: 4
Water capacity:
Color: Black w/ Gold Trim

MSPA Luxury Exotic Spa



Canadian Spa Swift


: 72in x 29in Interior: 63inch x 29inch ** Interior: 63 Inches

Shape: Round
Seats: 5
Water capacity: 333 Gallons / 1260 litres
Color: Brown

MSPA Alpine 108-Jet Square Bubble Spa

Dimensions: 62x 62 x 27 ** Interior Dimensions Unlisted
Shape: Square
Seats: 4
Water capacity: 171 Gallon
Color: Charcoal Gray

Canadian Spa Company KP-10016 “Swift Current” Portable Spa 

5-Person 125-Jet Plug And Play Spa
Dimensions: 73 x 73 x 29 Inches **Interior: 63 Inches
Shape: Round
Seats: 5
Water capacity: 330 gallon / 1000 Litres
Color: Coffee

Spa necessities and accessories:

Portable Spa Filters
Intex PureSpa Spa Seat
Intex PureSpa Hot Tub Maintenance Accessory Kit

If you are in the market for a hot tub for winter use, you should be careful to read the fine print of the leading portable hot tubs since many of them do not work when temperatures are below 40 degrees. Once you verify a hot tub is usable in winter, there are a few more things to consider.

What Critical Features Should I Look For?

All 4-season portable hot tubs should have optimal features like size, number of people who can comfortably use it, assembly time, heating time, massage therapy, and weight after you fill it. You should also look at the accessories to see if you need to buy extras for proper assembly.

What Should I Consider When Shopping For A Hot Tub?


It is a great feeling to know your insulated hot tub is on its way, but it is another altogether when you find out you need hundreds of tools, a full crew, and accessories that you did not order. Look at assembly needs to confirm you have the tools to accomplish it.

You should also check accessories to see if you need to order additional parts or if they come with the hot tub. Sometimes, it makes more sense to pay a bit more for a model that already includes all the accessories. It will save you time and money in the long run.

At a minimum, you should choose a winter-ready hot tub that includes a digital control panel, an insulated mat and cover, a chemical float, a spare filter, and repair patches.


One of the most important issues with winter-ready hot tubs is construction. While it is normal to find hot tubs with at least three layers of PVC, you want to look for models that have the strength to hold several hundred gallons of hot water as well as the weight of the adults who will possibly sit on the side of the tub when getting in. Cold temperatures also factor into wear-and-tear as it can wreak havoc on the materials. Depending on the type of winter you experience, you will want to choose a hot tub with thicker material and insulation.

• All MSpa designs have six layers of RhinoTec PVC which is why you see several of their models on the list. The marine-approved PVC also is durable since it is frost resistant and holds up well with tears and abrasions.

• The Canadian Rio Grande has a thermal base, a double layer of insulation, and six-inch insulated cover that will prevent debris from entering.

• The Canadian Spa Swift model has five-inch foam walls, a vinyl outer layer, and a six-inch insulated cover that will protect your hot tub in the winter.

Heater And Motor Design

Portable hot tubs generally heat three degrees Fahrenheit per hour, so it may take several days to reach its full temperature capacity. It should only take an hour or so to fill up with water depending on your home plumbing system. You should always choose a model that has a well-built heater and motor design so that you have the motor strength and heating system that will work well during harsher winter weather climates.
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