Swift Current Portable Spa by Canadian Spa Co Review

If you are looking for a high-end inflatable hot tub that consumers recommend, the Canadian Spa Swift Current is the go-to choice. This spa tick all the boxes. The V2 model seats up to 5-people and has 125-Jets. From the interior accessibility to the powerful massage jets, this plug-and-play Canadian Spa model is a must-have for those looking to buy an inflatable hot tub that delivers.

Key Details

  • Has 125 Air Jets With Three Settings
  • It has a round shape that seats five comfortably.
  • Dimensions are 73 x 73 x 29 Inches / Interior: 63 Inches by 29 Inches.
  • Water capacity is 330 Gallons /1000 Litres.
  • It comes with 10-foot GFCI cord and a 15 square foot filter.
  • Made of laminated vinyl lining which promotes endurance.
  • It has a six-inch inflatable cover for safety and security.
  • It comes in a beautiful coffee color which will work in any outdoor setting.

How to assemble the Swift Current Spa by Candian Spa Co.

How to assemble the Swift Current Spa by Candian Spa Co.


The Canadian Spa company has a reputation as a high-end retailer of Comfort Line Products. The V2 model has the deepest measurement of any inflatable hot tub

  • The 125-air jets have three jet speeds that enable users to receive hydrotherapy or a full-body massage that relieves tension and stress.
  • This model comes with a thermal blanket, energy-efficient foam walls, and an inflatable cover that maximizes its usage as an environmentally friendly inflatable hot tub.
  • This model heats to 39 degrees Celsius and 103 Fahrenheit which is why it is ideal for year-round usage.
  • The external digital control panel also contains the electric control panel and filtration system.
  • The electric system does not require special electrical outlets since it connects to a standard 15A outlet.
  • Canadian Spa Company has a reputation as an easy-to-assemble product manufacturer which consumers validate in reviews.
  • The filter is not located in the inflatable hot tub, so repair and replacement is a simpler process than other product designs.
  • This model is a portable hot tub that is perfect for smaller spaces like RVs and boats or larger spaces like balconies.
  • It has a five-star consumer grade as a four-season inflatable hot tub.
  • You receive a 12-month warranty.


Consumer reviews noted that their manual and how-to video could use some updating since the product now has two lines and a pump. Otherwise, customers were very pleased with the product overall and consistently gave positive reviews.

The product is also a bit higher than other inflatable hot tubs. That said, the air jets and seating capacity are higher than their counterparts. Reviews have shown that although the spa was a higher priced model consumers were much more satisfied with the construction and long-term usage.


One of the essential benefits of this Canadian Spa inflatable hot tub is that consumer have raved about the quality and construction of the product. Consumers found that their products held up well long-term in different weather patterns as well which is a plus for anyone who wants a winter-ready inflatable hot tub. The depth of the design also allows for full body submersion – something that some other portable spas don’t offer.  After reviewing this model’s features, we agree with their customers and highly recommend this model because of its quality craftsmanship and consumer appeal.


How to assemble the Swift Current Spa by Candian Spa Co.

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