How to detect a leak in an inflatable hot tub

How to detect a leak in an inflatable hot tub

Leaks in inflatable hot tubs are frustrating especially since you cannot seem to find the location of the leak. Many leaks in inflatable hot tubs can go unnoticed for a long time.  Just like air mattresses, a leak on an inflatable hot tub can render it useless. However, the good news is that it is easy to find the leaks and fix them. Many inflatable hot tub brands have a leak fix kit that comes in handy when such situations arise.

Is there any leak?

For you to detect if you have a leak, you need to fill the hot tub normally but pay attention to where the water level is. Leave the hot tub unused for an hour or two, and if you find that the water level has dropped, then it shows that you have a leak.

How to find the leak

How to detect a leak in an inflatable hot tubIf the water has dropped in the hot tub, look around the area surrounding the hot tub to find out where the water went. The task will be easier if there is a wet area around the hot tub. The size of the wet area will give you a rough idea of how big the hole is.

You can also try adding dark food color to the water. The food coloring will move towards where the hole is without making you guess the location. It will show you precisely where the hole or rip is in the hot tub.

If you find the source of the leak and cannot repair it by yourself, you still have an advantage. The technician will not charge you extra for finding the source of the leak.

There are two areas that are known for having a leak other than the interior and exterior of the pump. It is the heating assembly and pump sealing. The leaks are common in hot tubs since they have an all in one system.

The pump sealing wears off after time due to frequent use, but a skilled consumer will deal with it before the pump becomes useless. Pumps can cost as much as the hot tub and needs to be maintained with caution.

The heating assembly also causes more damage when left unchecked. Having a leak in this area is bad but skilled customers can repair it.  Since hot tubs are different, it might be a hindrance since access to the heating assembly can be limited. You will need to be creative when repairing it, but most people usually end up calling a technician.

When to call a technician

If you do not know how to do the repairs, you should contact a technician. Inflatable hot tubs are lowly priced, and you must determine if you need the services of a technician through doing an assessment.

You should also call a technician if you have tried repairing the hot tub and failed despite following the instructions. Hot tub makers provide everything you need in the box, and there is an instruction manual to guide you through the process. However, you should call a technician if all that fails.


Inflatable hot tubs need to be properly maintained to avoid getting leaks. If the inflatable hot tub is well maintained, you will enjoy using it for a long time.

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